we'll be fine (w/ OmenXIII) Lyrics

[Verse 1: OmenXIII]
There's something up on my shoulders
I'm older now, but feel hopeless
On the streets and feel like a soldier
Told ya, I don't fuck with no posers, no
See him geek like he posin', but he a bitch and he know it
He ain't bout shit but he show it
Bitch I flip the switch and I'm copin'
He fuck around with my dollars
Prolly found himself with some problems
And some trauma chasin' them commas
But I gotta eat, so I'm on it, honest
You don't know better than me
So don't tell me who to be
You don't know better than me
So don't tell me what we need
OmenXIII, black shirt, black jeans
Always rock long sleeves on my Drop Dead tees
I think I'm going crazy while I'm tryna find some peace
I'ma pick the world up, let it drop on me
I felt the pain that y'all been through
I felt the pain that y'all live through
I'm feelin' pain but I'm gettin' through
So I'll be just fine, I promise you

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
I don't want to talk to you
Couldn't care less how you feelin' right now
I'm a ghost I can walk through you (Walk through you)
All black blade with a dutch light brown
I'm a sixteen bar killer, none realer
Lil Peep, OmenXIII, can't flow with us
Now you sellin' out shows and you fuckin' on a ho
But yo ass still know that we flow bigger
No job, no mob, no time, do it on my own time, on my own grind
Oh my, oh my, not a day go by where I don't get high
Write a hundred fuckin' rhymes
Fine, I'm better off without you on my mind
Do it like a mom only talking on my line
Then it's back to the bedroom, back to the lies
I'm bleedin' to death, but I'ma tell you that I'm fine
Bleedin' to death, but I'ma tell you that I'm fine
I'm doin' my best to keep the money on my mind
You thought I was weak man because I was being kind
You won't see the weekend, I leave em' in the pond