Watch (w/ Bexey) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
I can hear the rain fall (I can hear the rain fall)
I can hear the rain fall down
Give me what I payed for (Give me what I payed for)
Bitch, you give me what I paid for, now
I love it when you move that (I love it when you move that)
I love it when my body hit the ground (Hit the ground)
I love you to the moon back (I love you to the moon back)
I love you when my body in the ground (In the ground)
She never talk about forever with me
She never talk about the future at all (Talk about the future at all)
Wanna walk around forever with me
She tryna fuck me, no relations involved (Fuck me, no relations involved)
And I ain't used to gettin’ pussy for free
I'm used to buying stupid shit at the mall (Buying stupid shit at the mall)
I know, baby, I would take you to eat
Before I asked her, she was licking my-

[Chorus: Lil Peep]
I burn some bridges then I, watch
I burn the world down, watch
Give a fuck about your watch
We burn the world down, watch
I'm boutta hit it while she, watch
I start switching and they, watch

[Verse 2: Bexey]
Yeah, you could move, or stop, or watch
So they watched, they watched, they watched
You know I haven't been 'round people in a while
So to smile feels like I got my trainers up on the opposite feet
Treadin' on thin ice with your live
Tucked inside with my money it's not much of it
But with you I had everything
Do you still remember me?
The one who set you free? (Set you free)
To put you back in chains, oh, I'm sorry
I still got blood on my jeans
If they come near you again
I'll break 'em down
Their ghosts won't forget me
No way