veins Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Layin' on my back now, lay another track down
Brought the black cats out, bad luck
If you wanna snap now, try not take a cap now
I'll bring the black cats out, now you fucked (Fuck)
Watch out for the pigs while I ride real slow
Smoking thraxx, read my tats from the backseat (Thraxx)
Why you throwin' shade like you finna phase me?
You a ho ass bitch, need a Maxi (Bitch)
Pad for your pussy blood drippin' down your skinny's
I could serve you for some 20's, but my raps free
Young bitch, I got plenty, on my bottle it says Rémy
On my belt that shit say Fendi and the back green (Clean)

Got me talkin' 'bout my clothes girl (Clothes girl)

When I fall, won't you pick me up (Won't you pick me up)
I'm talkin' 'bout my old girl (Old girl)
When I call, she don't pick it up (Pick it up)
My head hurt from the drugs (Drugs)
There's somethin' in the bud, man, I need a new plug (New plug)
I feel it in my veins
All my bitches dumb 'cause they give me all their brains

[Verse 2]
Put me on the map now, I could hold a map down

See me in the background, rolling up (Yeah, yeah)
I don't gotta rap loud, bitch, I got that trap sound
Hold on to my strap with the Cobra Clutch
Watch out for the bitch in the black Range Rove'
Drivin' fast while she listenin' to Max B (What?)
Got the tats on her ass and the black ski mask in the back
If you tryna get yo' ass beat
One for the money, blow, two for the show
My flow go perfect with a sad beat (Sad beat)
Everywhere I go, all I ever see is snow
In the summertime, pussy make me happy (Make me happy)

My head hurt from the drugs

It's somethin' in the bud man, I need a new plug
I feel it in my veins