u don't know me (w/ Original God) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Original God]
I've got gorillas on my chest
But there's demons in my brain
Even though your mind is numb
I'll still make sure you feel my pain
Could manipulate your bitch
Or I could write a song like this
But you wouldn't get the message
Till I hang or slit my wrist
I'm that young Charles Manson
While you're just Chris Hansen
Used to shop at Hot Topic
When I spilled blood on the floor
No one is dancing
Gun up to my head
I can't sleep in my own bed
At least Midnight have some album art
To use when they find me dead

[Pre-Chorus: Original God]
You don't know me (Trust me you don't)
You don't know me (And trust me, you won't)
(But I can still-)

[Chorus: Original God]
Slit my wrist, stab my thighs
Oh my God I wanna die
Rip my heart out, cut my eyes
Only aim is suicide
Only dead thing in the room
Someone come rescue me, come save me soon
I've been drowning inside of my own thoughts
Beginning to lose air I'm in a typhoon, yeah

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Ayy, it's that motherfucking dope shit
I'm a leader, two litres full of potion
29 grams in my ounces
Ask my plug he would tell you I'm a good kid
Ask my mom she would tell you I'm a good kid
Ask my thot she would tell you I got that good dick
Ask my pops? I don't even fucking know him
I know why he left, 'cause he couldn't fucking handle this
Can't nobody handle this
Watch me do my damage bitch
Loud pack look like amethyst
Yeah, it's really me
I'm Lil Peep
Please don't panic, bitch
Blow up with my team
That's my dream
Bitch, we getting rich
Making bitches scream, uh