Thinking Bout U (w/ Boy Froot) Lyrics


[Intro: Lil Peep]
I'ma take my last breath in this room
Pills got me up, real high, like the moon
I've been workin' hard, I'ma blow up real soon
I've been smokin' strong, while I'm thinkin' 'bout you

[Verse 1: Boy Froot]
I always dream of you
Every time I sleep, I see right through
My intentions have shown
Girl, some day we will glow
Every little single thing you said will be known
I always can tell, when something's on your mind
We're both goin' to hell but at least we got time
Before we're deceased, draw back the curtains and blinds
I know that I'm hurtin' but, girl will you be mine?

[Interlude: Boy Froot]
I wanna give it all to you
I wanna give it all to you

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Body on the asphalt
Be careful what you ask for
She think I'm an asshole
What if I end my life, though?
Will she like me then?
I just wanna grab my knife, oh
It's my only friend
Sacrifice my whole life tonight
I'm a lonely man