The Kronik (w/ Kronik Williams) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Get the fuck up out my way
Get the fuck up out my motherfuckin’ way
Get the fuck up out my face
I don’t like you motherfuckers anyway
Now I’m fuckin’ up my pay
Now I’m gettin’ lots of money every day
Catchin’ pussy like a fade
Catch a youngin', getting hundreds what I say
Got the Bible on the dash, boutta smoke it till it's ash
Now my rivals gettin’ mad, 'cause they open to the fact
I might do this shit for real, spend a thousand on a seal
Make a hunnid fuckin’ mil, now I pull up and I peel, skrrt

[Verse 2: Kronik Williams]
She hit me up tryna ride something
Grab the alcohol and proceed the rubbin’, ayy
They ain't takin' cash, no reply comin’
When you high as this, feel the sky plummet
Leanin’ leanin’, bitch I need the cane
Seen the color purple, sippin’ purple rain
New stove, bring the new flame
Magic man like I’m David Blaine
Eye for an eye, bitch you gon’ see the pain (Pain)
Coldest in the game, tryna Ice-pick ya brain (Brain)
Wit’ me or against me, get the fuck up out my face
Fuck up out my way (Skrrt)
Holdin’ up my line (Skrrt), bitches fuckin' with my pay (Skrrt)
Das gon’ make me hate (Hate)
Prayin’ at these dollars come in at a quicker rate
Smokin’ out the pound, bet that you can smell the weight
Burnin’ ten swisher sweets, just preparin’ for my day