Supernova/Reflection (w/ Slug Christ) Lyrics


[Part I: Supernova]

[Intro: Lil Peep]
I don't know if you feel that, Slug, but I don't feel anything at all
Tell me...

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
(Quit workin') Quit workin'
(Quit workin') Yah
I hit it first thing in the mornin'
This powder is my friend, I ain't lonely
And, all the sudden, it quit workin'
(I'm so tired, sweetie)
Now I'm back to feelin' nothin'

[Verse 2: Lil Peep & Slug Christ]
I still feel like nothing
I don't care what happens
Nothing really matters
Happily ever after
I still feel like something
Something might just happen
That's when I remember
Nothing really matters
Whippin' out the formula
I'm whippin' out the formula
Whippin' out the formula

[Chorus: Slug Christ]
I use this fire to cleanse
Bathed in flame (tell 'em)
I watch it burn and feel myself give in
I can see the stars fade from here
And it's never appeared so clear
(I watch the sun explode)
The moon she beckons me to stay and rot away
(I watch the sun explode I watch the sun explode [?])
I watch the sun explode
The past then takes its toll
Can't feel myself bleed
It's finally catching up to me
Slippin' in the space between us...

[Part II: Reflection]

[Verse 3: Slug Christ]
Tah, what (what), ya
Ayy (ay), Slugga, ya, eh, eh, what
I took a step back
Can you imagine that?
Young Slug came through with another sack
I took a couple and
I took a couple and
Damn, I done forgot where I'm at
I wish, I wish that I was somebody else
I could say the perfect things without you gettin' mad
Ya, and I'm still learning how to act but
As long as it's with you I'm fine with that
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Slug Christ]
And I can never change
I think you understand that
And you like me anyway
I won't let us go to waste
And our reflection won't change
No, no
Our reflection won't change
Our reflection won't change
No, no