Sixteen Swishers (w/ ITSOKTOCRY feat. Yunggoth) Lyrics



[Intro: Lil Peep]
Ayy, yeah, ayy (Wooh)
Shit (Damn)
Okay, okay (Yeah)
Like that, like that, like that (Yeah)
Okay, that's cool (Ayy)

[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Okay, I'm cruel (Ayy)
I admit it (I admit it)
I didn't go to school (Nah)
I was busy (I was fucking busy, bitch)
Her mama don't like me (Yeah)
Ha, her daddy be trippin' (Be trippin', why?)
I'm only 19 (Yeah)
I feel like a winner (Ayy)
I'm only 19 (Worst)
But I should be dead (I should be dead)
He wanna fight me? (What?)
Boy, go to bed (Ha)
Blood on my white tee (Yeah, damn)
Multiple wifey (Yeah)
I keep the best green (Yeah, damn)
Fuckin' a dyke bitch (Damn)

[Verse 2: Yunggoth]
Ayy, skrrt, ayy
Fuckin' a white bitch (Fuckin' a white bitch)
Suck on my pipe, bitch (Suck on my pipe, bitch)
Look at my ice, bitch (Look at it)
Chicken and rice, bitch (Chicken and rice)
Blood on my white kicks (Blood on my white kicks)
I put the xan on my life, bitch (Xan on my life)
I put the xan on my life, bitch (Xan on my life)
Bitch, I'm a nice kid (Nice kid)

Xan, I'ma reup on pack I got bands
Hundred pack multiply, two miligrams
Pop a bean, limousine, all in my hands
I know I'm lit, bitch, you know I'm the man
Ho, I feel like Johnny Depp, Martin Scorsese, see a movie
Ho, I feel like Superman, ho, it's lame, these bitches choose me
Mary Jane, Peter Parker, mixin' lean in molly water
I might fuck around, finesse your daughter
Bitch, I feel like Michael Phelps, Mary Jane, gold medals
Tom Clancy, Splinter Cell, coffin full of rose petals
Uh, ayy