Shelter (w/ Bexey) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
No, my life ain't nothin' like I thought it would be
But listen that's okay with me
I've been staying true to myself and my team
They gon' make it all the way with me
Baby, it's cold out, but I'm a man now
So I'ma just stand outside in the rain (In the rain)
I got my boots on, he got his bands out
I got some coupons from the other day (Other day)
You know, I'm broke bitch
That ain't a joke, bitch
So many hopeless souls in pain (In pain)
Where do I go now, can't find a home now
Remember my hometown back in the day

[Interlude: Bexey]
Aye, Peep, you know what's crazy?
There's kids out here our age, yeah, crying because their phone don't have fucking moving emojis
There's babies out there crawling on the floor no mum, no dad, no food, nothing
And these kids are complaining? (Fucking cunts)

[Verse 2: Bexey]
Oh, that girl Kathleen down on 7th street, she wonders when she'll eat again (Wonder)
She got love in her eyes and hell up in her mind, but soon she gonna freeze to death
She feels piercing gazes on her fragile face from strangers like you and meĀ (Baby)
Her heart's a firework display if you feed her anything because soon she gonna die in the streets
Through a dress you can see her ribcage
She never talks to me everytime it rains (No way)
She escapes back into the alleyways (The alleyways)
Because it was raining heavy the day it finally put her in this place
Oh, they kicked her out, like a goalkeeper would
Until the sky was surprised then slammed to the floor
Up and down a few more times then came to a halt
Oh, that homeless angel sliced her wings, then her throat