SagginMyPants (w/ DEATH PLUS) Lyrics


[Intro: Lil Peep & DEATH PLUS]
Ain't gon' find, just bring it out (Yeah)
Bring it out, just fuckin' take it up
I got the money for that

[Verse 1: DEATH PLUS]

Spirits comin' after me, I'm 'bout to start a tragedy
A murderous inferno, strike the matches and I grab the keys
I head up to the palace, cop a backwood like normality
But everybody knows that I'm a fucking abnormality
The ghost of Satan, the no-name flow with the pain in the rain
Gassin' at the side of my grave with the ocean spray
Laugh when the bodies is dumped out of the trunk
Grab the pump, put it up, shoot it to God like I don't give a fuck
Killer for life, just a kid with a knife, figure it's right
To kill, if I lie, it's the cycle of life, I'm psycho, all right
Come out of the night, finding my victims
And then, with a whisper, my blade, it be shinin' like ice
And I been straight from the cold, now I been makin' that dough
I fucked the ex in the throat
And I been takin' the notes
Breakin' the prophet, the prophet, the one that you ain’t never know
And I sleep in the snow with the blade in my coat
Injured his team, I ran off (Ho, bitch)

[Chorus: DEATH PLUS]
Everybody think I'm insane though

Put the bullets in my head until the rain comes
Homicidal, suicidal but I'm thankful that I ain't dead yet
And I'm still makin' them pesos
Next in line where the sinners all go
Down to hell where the flames all roll
I'm sittin' next to Satan, countin' up bank rolls
I'm relaxin' on my throne, fuckin' with some skank hoes

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
I've been letting my hair grow, your parents know
I'm a bad boy, I'm a scarecrow (I'm a scarecrow)
I'm sagging my pants, let the brand show
These damn hoes schemin', got the brand on my hand, ho
I come from the land where the Xans go quicker than the coke
Raise your hand if you can't cope with the damn cold
Seven feet of snow, what you need? We got it, bleeding fo' deposits
Just bag it up and then you flip it for a sizeable profit
The cops is on my dick, I'm 'bout to get this shit poppin'
I'm droppin' out this bitch and makin' money off of my music
Now it's one year later, still broke, still stupid
Still smoke my tooka, rest in peace Martin Luther
But Freddy Krueger all I'm dreaming 'bout, I can't see my future
I can't see my feet, this shit gets darker when it's deep
But I can breathe underwater, ask your daughter, I'm a freak