Raveyard Shift (w/ Boy Froot) Lyrics


[Chorus: Boy Froot]
Pull up to the rave in the mothafuckin' graveyard
I'm just a slave to this damn rap wave, bruh
Swervin' in my lane, bruh, young David Blaine, bruh
I disappear and I mind fuck your brain, bruh

[Verse 1: Boy Froot]
Glo, doin' what I want to

Boy Froot, bitch, I'm a ghost and I'll haunt you
Posted up on the block, Gucci sandals, Tommy socks
And you know I'm slangin' rocks
Boy Froot glow, Lil Peep with the block
Sniffin' on that blow, never sleep, don't stop
Always on the creep, on the phone, straight talk
You know I gotta go right up to the top
All black like a crow, never talk to a cop
I never talk to no opps, bitch

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Never talk to a cop
Never talk to a cop
Call say dropped, I don't talk to the opps
I could walk to the block
Bitch I'm from the burbs where you still hear shots
When I die I'ma stop
'Til then, bitch, all these pills gettin' popped
Mix rap with the rock
Young Kid Rock with the crack in his sock
Now back to the top
Strapped with a Glock, get smacked in the moshpit
I'm a young Green Goblin
Me and BOY FROOT hit the bank then we mobbin'
Strapped with a Glock, get smacked in the moshpit
Say you strapped with a Glock, get smacked in the moshpit, bitch