MO MURDA (w/ GG Neeks) Lyrics

ggneeks · MO MURDA FT. LIL PEEP (Prod. Willie G)




[Intro: GG Neeks]
Murder, more murder, more murder, more murder
Murder, more murder, more murder, more murder
Baby, more murder
But I don't wanna murder her

[Verse 1: GG Neeks]
I'm killin' her slowly she's lovin' the pain feel
Drag her into my basement and force her to inhale
Off a pill, givin' head, baby lost all her braincells
Shawty, I'm a murderer, but I don't wanna murder ya
What the fuck you gonna do
When me and Lil Peep pull up on you like skrrt skrrt skrrt?
I promise you, I got a lot of problems
Baby girl, don't even bother, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh my god
More murder, more murder
Shawty, don't get too close, I don't wanna hurt ya
But I'm lovin' the torture
All the games that we play, when we out for the coca

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Yeah, I'm off of the vica, I'm a biker
When you look at my ink, uh
Drippin' blood in the sink, uh
I'm a drinker, and I'm talkin' 'bout pink, uh
Ridin' round Encinitas
I'm a creeper, I had sex with my teacher (Damn)
This bitch is so bad, she let Neeks fuck
This bitch is so bad, she let Peep fuck
I got my face in her D cups
I put my face in the lean cup
I go to sleep and I see stuff
Call it a dream, but I'm livin' it
I pray to God, he forgivin' it
I'm finna pop me a Ritalin
Bitch, who the fuck is you kiddin' with?
You know your shawty is listenin'

[Outro: GG Neeks]
I'm killin' her softly, she's lovin' my comfort
Close your eyes and breathe deep, I promise you it won't hurt
Take a life before mine, baby, who's gonna die first?
Shawty, I'm a murderer and I just wanna murder ya