Ignorant (w/ Little Pain) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Now I'm one step closer to hell (Closer to hell)
I can feel the cold sweat comin' on (Comin' on)
Pretty bitches wanna fuck me and tell (Fuck me and tell)
Same bitches that was hatin' on my first song (First song)
Now they say they want to fuck me with my jays on
Drugs gone, probably 'cause me and Pain took 'em all
Nobody told you I got tears on my shirt
Blame yourself if you ever get hurt, somebody kill me
Drugged out, plug house, tryna cop another fix
Feds all up on my dick, but they don't know my government
Dead till I'm fuckin' rich
Lil peep, Lil pain, tell 'em hoes suck a dick
Brokeboy sad as shit, I don't really give a shit
Sellin' Reggie by the brick
Acid couldn't make me trip
They mad, they couldn't make me flip
Hit a bitch, hit the dip, nineties baby, gettin' lit
Bang, Bang, hit a lick, liquor got me ignorant

[Verse 2: Lil Pain]
I'm Reggie Bush, Reggie Miller, Reggie Jackson
In my hood, they call me Reggie
'Cause the reggie's what I'm packin'
Sippin', trippin', trickin', smokin', thinkin', shit that you can fathom
All these tips keep overflowin', told Lil Peep to pass a napkin
I'm lookin' in the mirror, starin at a distant stranger
I see pain, I see sorrow, i see hurt, i see anger
Put the barrel to my head
And this one shot in the chamber
Now my eyes are bloody red
That means all I see is danger
There's a bitch inside my bed
She ain't mad, i won't blame her
She keep cryin', I keep lyin' but the truth is I won't save her
So now she hates me but that's fine, because I hate my self
The truth is I'm tryin' to save my self
Peep waddup