GODS (w/ Lil Tracy) Lyrics


[Verse: Lil Tracy &
Lil Peep]
I ain't talking religion, baby, but I'm a God
Louboutins on my feet, but I ain't got no job
I got hoes on me, call me Lil Tracy Minaj
Call Lil Tracy up like we finna get to this guap
Skrrt-skrrt down the block, baby, I can't stop
Drivin' fast, gettin' top, watchin' for the cops
Bet your girl know Lil Peep and Lil Tracy, we hot
Bet your girl know Lil Peep and Lil Tracy, we rock
Your mama tell me that I'm pretty, I get that a lot
He be actin' like it's real, but it's just a mirage
She asked me if I wanna die, all I said was "Yah"
Yah, all I said was "
Now she all up on my dick when the music drop
Hit the mall, fill my pockets up and then I shop
And I need a fat stack, I can't fuck with knots

Bitches run around the lobby, sleepin' at the top
Back in the day, me and SKWAB, we would jugg and rob
Now we pull up to the mall, we look and we cop
Now they treat me like a star, I act like I'm not
Wanna give me a massage in my new garage