Dreams (feat. gizmo) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
I'll be right here, when you step out the car
I see you from afar, but I know who you are
I know exactly who you are, what you're lookin' for
I know exactly where it starts, I'm not lookin' forward to the end
Because we're not gonna last
Because we took it too fast
And that's a good way to crash and to burn
What I learned, I don't like takin' my turn

If she mine, she gon' be mine until we ash in an urn
Let me burn, let me swerve, let me pull up on the curb
Now I'm lookin' so absurd, but I’m all that they heard
At the party, pull a 'Rari up and I exit the scene
Light a hundred fuckin' dutches and then I follow my dreams
Girl, you're fuckin' with Lil Peep, I’m the king of the teens
I just dropped a couple singles and took over the scene
Got the internet buzzin', 20 thousand a week
Now I practice gettin' pussy, practice all that I preach

[Verse 2: Gizmo]
I'll be right there when you need me close
I'll always be around when you need me the most
But I know, that you've been tryna get away from me
But you just don't know what to say to me
I just gotta do what I think I'm meant to
Everything I said is true in that text I sent you
So if you ain't gon' be my boo, then just do you
I'm smokin' blunts, like they cigarettes
I still ain't shit, I ain't gotten any bigger yet
But that factor ain't somethin' that really matters to me
Ain't nothin' to think about when I'm chillin', smokin' my weed
I burn it down, and then proceed to seek out all my hopes and dreams
The future holds itself so it ain't really what it seems
If I can't get to where I want, I'll be pissed
I'll tie my neck up in a noose, kick the chair and slit my wrists