Doubled Up (w/ Boy Froot) Lyrics


[Chorus: Lil Peep]
I just put a quarter in the blunt
Told my plug meet me at the front
You can call me you should see me when I'm done
Bitch I'm numb, no it ain't no fuckin' fun
I got 8 po'd in my double cups
Quarter ounce in the blunt, that's a double dutch
I got 8 po'd in my double cups
Two thots wanna fuck, that's a double suck

[Verse 1: Boy Froot]
Smokin' 6 blunts, pourin' double cups
Pull up to the club in an all black foreign, bruh
Ralph Lauren on my T-Shirt
All y'all shit is borin', bitch I got the loudest reefer
You be puffin' quiet shit, low grade mids
That ain't in my diet kid, but I'ma steal yo bitch
I'm the goth pirate, emo angel, when I hit a lick
Long black nails, so it's painful when I scratch my dick

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
All black fit with the black nails
Lil Peep, Boy Froot, gettin' fan mail
Bitch I'm busy riding 'round making drug sales
Fuck the cops, Boy Froot pay my damn bail
Lil Peep, I'm the youngin' with the tattoos
I ain't fuckin' no bitch unless I have to
If you hatin' on me then I guess I have to
I ain't even mad too, I just wanna clap dude