Dead Money (w/ Boy Froot & Yunggoth) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
What you wanna hit? My marijuana
Asian bitches with me sippin' Molly water
Lil Peep, I'm a young stunna
I ain't lyin' when I tell you I be countin' hunnas
I ain't ever talkin' to the fuckin' coppas
Bendin' bitches over like they fuckin' copper
Put that on my momma, I'm like Waka Flocka
Anybody got a problem, I don't need my partna
Got it, ayy
I ain't trippin', I ain't plottin' boy, I'm in your face
Bitch, what the fuck you talkin' 'bout? Kill me then
I'm so tired of these men and they fuckin' threats
Ain't nobody ever told you I'm in love with death?
Please kill me, motherfucker, put my soul to rest
Put my body under covers, get the fuckin' gas
Light a match, let me burn while my ghost laughs
Put my ash in a urn and then I sold that
I'm a fiend for money
Yeah, I know that shit ain't nothin', it's just somethin' about it
Every time I cut my wrist, you see the money come out it
It's in my bloodstream, baby, you can't fuck me without it
I need a rich goth bitch and a crib on the mountain
Paparazzi takin' pictures every time we step out it
I need snipers on my roof, I need a Jewish accountant
I need everybody 'round me gettin' money and countin'
No clownin'

[Verse 2: Yunggoth]
Fame is not good, it bring the pain (Bring the pain)
I'm feeling down, feeling stuck, I will go out, I wake up and then
I'm feelin' sad, dumb
I'm feelin' dead, dumb
I'm depressed, damn
I'm feelin' dead, I'm feelin'
I'm feelin' down when I wake up
I'm bitchin' and now I fade out
I'm bitchin' and now I fade out
I'm bitchin' and now I fade out

[Verse 3: Boy Froot]
I'on ever talk to opps bitch, runnin' from the cops, shit
Lil Peep, Froot, Yunggoth in the coffin
Yeah, we dead, we're all fuckin' dead (We're all fuckin' dead)
Find me in the moshpit while the band shreds
Choosin' up a ho, only want a goth bitch (Only want a goth bitch)
Blowin' up my phone, like what the fuck is this (What the fuck is this?)
I'm too busy glowin', I'on need none of your shit (I'on need none of your shit)
Smokin' on my weed, boy that thraxx get me lit (Boy that thraxx get me lit)

[Outro: Boy Froot]
Ya, boy that thraxx get me lit (Thraxx get me lit)
Ya, ya, ya, ya (Thraxx get me lit)
Oh my god, oh my god (Thraxx get me lit)
Yunggoth, Boy Froot, Lil Peep
Ya, ya