Crystals (w/ DEATH PLUS) Lyrics


[Verse 1: DEATH PLUS]
Ho, it ain't nothing, I'm just like this
Ski mask on my face when I come slide in
To the jut in the cut with the bass silent
Turn down this beat as I listen to the tide
Roll up like the blunt smoke, cop like the wood smoke
Up all my drugs then I'm lighting another
Every night, I'm in the jungle
I'm cold in the summer, in flames in the winter
Getting high with my brother Lil Peep
Get high with me
Smoke weed, relax and sit quietly
I smoke silently as I watch the smoke
I put it into my mouth, send it down to my throat and I choke
But the blade is my killer, to slay is my mission
I play with the crystal
The gifts of this game is a mystery
Give it to me and I'll surely make history
Sippin' this lean like I'm drinking the code' in me
They wanna play in the back but they calling me
Manson, these drags is my plan
I got thrax in my pants and I'm smokin' until I get damage
Fuck what the question is, bitch, I'm the answer
Fuck what the cure is, bitch, I am the cancer
Fuck all the purest 'cause I can't be managed
Fuck all the humans, I live in the sand, bitch
Fuck with the prophet, the problems get handled, ho

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
I put my heart in this shit
I ripped the heart out the goat
Pull the blade out my coat
Cut your throat to the bone on some Game of Thrones shit
I cannot fuck with no bitch when she suckin' on somebody dick
That type of shit get me sick
I'm a prick but I don't fuck with bitches
That give my whole city whatever they want
If it's pussy or lip on the tip of the dick
All of you wanna be rappers
But can't make no music to make that shit happen
And that's probably 'cause you just rap about trappin'
I'm smackin' the next motherfucker that say that I act like I'm ballin'
All of y'all pussies is whack
Some of y'all pussies is rats
Half of y'all pussies is trash
And the other half of y'all is dying tonight
What the fuck do that mean? Do the math
Step on the scene like the Hulk, bitch, I'm green
Bitches on me, I'm the young Charlie Sheen
Rips in my jeans and my skin 'til I bleed
The reason you're losing yo' sleep is Lil Peep