Burnt Diary (w/ Kaiyko & Pageant Queen) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Now I feel like I'm killing, you can't stop
Fightin' the feeling, you gon' lose
This shit is easy, I told you, baby, I told you
Shawty gon' pop that
Pussy for you if you got that
Shit that she looking for, cash flow
I get that shit by the racks now, couple racks now
I feel like Ghostemane
No one can see me in person
We pulling off in them hearses
I give you what you deserve bitch, do I deserve this?
I'm gettin' head now
I make that bitch go to bed now
I fucked that bitch wit' her legs down
Keep your head down, keep that pussy up
Lemme hit it from the front

[Verse 2: Gertrude]
Construding these thoughts, that dig in my brain
And my head fucking hurts, and I do not feel 'sane
Hi bitch, whistle, please, put me in the dark, please
Frequencies which is killin' me, fuck that shit hurts
Inadequate fuck, I can't do nothin' right
Lost in the darkness, I can't see the light
These hands they all grab for me
Used to fight back, and I tilted my head back, and fade into black
Today I feel sad, tomorrow's the same
Nobody don't want me, I'm feeling so lame
Counting the times I've been left in the dust
No personal friend's, and I'm feeling like rust
Crumbling quick, I see that you now, I'm want in the park
And leave with no sound
If I die now, who is coming to my funeral?
I don't want this life, can it be not renewable? Fuck!

[Verse 3: Kaiyko]
Take my heart out of my chest
It's only filled with pain and regret
I don't need that old shit anymore, so just walk out the door
And take what I deserve
'Cause darling, you fuck with my heart, I can fuck with your head
Finger on a trigger and now we're both dead
I'll take on the glory, but I don't feel sorry for you and these shitty games
Fuck all of your ego, all your money, and your fame
You'll never catch me once, now you'll never see my face
I'm riding in the dark, wit' A the pale moonlight
Burning pages of my diary
You'll never catch me on sight, all night, all right
Tell you once, tell you twice
You better think twice when you're gonna pick a fight
And now you're running when you're hearing bodies hit the ground
I guess it's time for me to go now