Body (w/ DEATH PLUS) Lyrics


[Verse 1: DEATH PLUS]
Chillin' with the poltergeist, he wear his frozen clothes
Casket thrashing 'til I die, these bitches know that
It's a ghost town, suicide
The wind ain't blowin', the leaves ain't fallin'
The trees ain't growing, rivers ain't flowing
Blood overflowing, I know you know this
Sippin' my potion, I'm a slug
Find me in the dirt, you with the roaches
Find me rappin' and hustlin' selling the purp
I'm with it, you want it?
Got that shit that make yo' chest hurt
That's if you want it, I'm a criminal pimpin'
The Infinite stay with the weird motherfuckers
With the boys at the crib be off in the garden
These hoes are the hardest, these rappers retarded
I'm sick, though
Depression comin' creepin' in and take you by surprise
One day you alive, then the next day you die

[Chorus: DEATH PLUS]
Chillin' by myself I don't need nobody

Find me in the room, just another fuckin' body
See me on the news but you don't know nothin’ about me
We live in a society that's full of fuckin' copies
(And here is the hardest part)

[Verse 2: Lil Peep]
Kill these motherfuckers, waiting patient for the flow to come
It's like I got some supernatural powers, I'm the chosen one
These bitches want me dead, I'm bustin' back
I got a golden gun inside my fuckin' hand
I pick a hater, put a hole in one
I been working, she been twerking on my fucking dick
Pussy perfect but she never got a compliment
I'm too busy stacking twenties cause my money spent
I got kicked out of the crib, I couldn't pay my rent
Young pussy, old pussy, come pussy go
Nothin' stay the same with these motherfuckin' hoes
They be triflin' like "Why you ain't recycling for?"
Shut the fuck up bitch, I'll break my bottle right on the floor
I'm smokin' dope, I'm getting throat
This beat is wavy, I'm a boat
Bitch I hope you never know the shit I do when I'm alone
Hell is my home, and I ain't pickin' up my phone
Get the fuck out my zone, and watch yo motherfuckin' tone, bitch

[Chorus: Lil Peep]
Chilling by myself, I don't need nobody

Find me in the room just another fuckin' body
Dope on the spoon bitch, I'm looking like a zombie
I don't wanna move, you won't see me at the party