300 Feet Below (w/ Boy Froot & Yung Rhubarb) Lyrics


[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
Bitch, I've been a man since the age of five
If I stop my glow, then I might just die
When I'm on my own I just smoke and cry
I turn off my phone, I can't hear your lies
I've been smoking dope, you can see in my eyes
Goth girl come over, and I'm squeezin' her thighs
Tell me that she love me, but I know that's a lie
I know that you're playing them, but I'm not the guy

[Verse 2: Boy Froot]
I'm rollin' up a blunt while she looks in my eyes
Back of the club, I'm not going outside
Sparking up this dope shit and I'm smoking it here
She likes the way I touch the hair that fall down her ear
I love the way she looks when she sees me around
Pouring syrup in my sprite, this shawty is down
She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
Baby you're my world, you're my everything

[Verse 3: Yung Rhubarb]
If I'm gon' talk to death, man I hate this life (Hate this life)
And we gon' be talking to the end of time (It never end)
Cause glaciers always flow, (Bitch?) ain't ever die (Glacier)
Steady up my grind, keep me energized
I be with Lil Peep and Boy Froot
Sipping lean all day, cause that's what I do (I do)
I'm never gonna fall, yeah just break it through
I'm never gonna fall, yeah just work it through
Always on my work in the kitchen man (The kitchen)
Every day is different, never stays the same
Fall in love with Jamie, she just keeps me sane (Jamie)
Stunting with saint bloom, bitch we glacier gang (Glacier)