HELLBOY 2LP Red Flames Vinyl


Limited Edition Red Flame 2 LP

This is pressed at 45rpm

 HELLBOY Double LP Vinyl featuring custom Fire Red colored records, a beautifully designed gatefold package, dust-proof sleeves, and exclusive HELLBOY sticker.

Track Listing


2-Drive By (Ft. Xavier Wolf)


4-The Song They Played [When I Crashed Into The Wall] (Ft. Lil Tracy)

5-Fucked Up

6-Cobain (Ft. Lil Tracy)

7-Gucci Mane


9-Worlds Away

10-Red Drop Shawty (Ft. Kirblagoop)

11-Girls (Ft. Horsehead)

12-Nose Ring

13-We Think Too Much

14-The Last Thing I Wanna Do

15-Walk Away As The Door Slams (Ft. Lil Tracy)

16-Move On, Be Strong

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